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  • Anna Bauer
    Anna Bauer, 2010/04/21 10:45

    Hi Jerome,

    Thanks for the MapMacro

    Concerning your wish for feedback ...

    It would be nice if:

    • the size of the messagebox could be adapted to fit the message 
    • the messagetext could contain links (internal and external)
    • several locations could be pointed out in the same map

    I don't know if this was the kind of feedback you wanted ... Maybe you only wanted to know about compatibility with Internet Explorer 6 which I can't say anything about. It works fine with firefox 3.6.3.

    Anyway ...


  • Majid
    Majid, 2011/05/06 17:53

    Hi, i tried this macro, it work only when i'm connected as administrator...there is any information about that ?? thanks

  • Youcef BEY
    Youcef BEY, 2013/01/23 15:11

    Hi, same issue. The macro works only when logged user is Admin??  

  • Thomas Delafosse
    Thomas Delafosse, 2013/02/26 12:16


       I've found a little issue : if you put the map macro in a page without any other content and try to edit it in WYSIWYG mode, you get an infinite load and nothing is displayed. All the same if you directly try to insert the macro in WYSIWYG mode. In wiki mode everything is fine, and if there is some text in the page on top of the macro, the WYSIWYG mode also works fine.


    Note : Happened to me with XWiki 4.1.4 and XWiki 4.3

  • Zdenek Zamecnik
    Zdenek Zamecnik, 2022/02/01 09:38

    Hi, it seems the map macro doesn't work with google satellite maps. If you switch it to satellite, it shows in background "Sorry, we have no imagery here." although they are available for tested location.

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