• Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2019/11/02 09:46

    This is awesome Stephane thanks for it! One idea is to do like the Gallery macro and support any wiki markup inside the macro and use the XDOM parsing to extract images (and links to images). This allows a lot of very interesting use cases, like ability to put other macros that will generate images for example. WDYT?

    EDIT: What's also great with this approach is that it's very simple we already have a parser and an XDOM so it doesn't cost more and is even possibly simpler than doing one's own format and parsing emoticon_wink

  • slauriere
    slauriere, 2019/11/04 10:29

    Thank you Vincent for your encouragement and suggestion, I have saved it as an issue on the macro tracker, I'll work on it: https://framagit.org/aeka/xwiki-masonry/issues/1

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