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21 +== 1.12.2 ==
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logo.png Various tools to manipulate MediaWiki content in XWiki


License: GNU Lesser General Public License 2.1


Release Notes

All release notes



  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-94 MediaWiki XML assumes $wgHashedUploadDirectory = true


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-82 Import while specifying Parent breaks redirect link


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-85 Upgrade to Bliki 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT-20180816
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-84 WYSIWYG created external links do not import properly


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-76 Imported pages that were linking to "redirects" come across broken


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-78 Nullpointerexception when a size is set for an image that does not exist
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-77 Imported images in 1.10 using new image ratio detection importing with flipped Height/Width values


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-75 VisualEditor customized image dimensions not being imported correctly



  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-71 Gallery macro does not support custom namespaces
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-70 Style attribute is stripped
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-69 is always standalone
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-67 Formated xhtml based tables and lists produce newlines
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-66 The importer does not properly decode links
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-65 The importer should optimize links to current page
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-64 Add option to indicate characters to clean in page names
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-63 Allow to prevent space generation for the encounter of slashes in the names of pages in media wiki
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-62 Upgrade to Bliki 3.1.1-SNAPSHOT-20170407
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-60 mailto links with query string are not supported
  • Open MEDIAWIKI-59 Heading inside table cell is not supported
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-58 Add support for templates
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-57 Identify category markers even if the Category: namespace is translated
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-56 Identify correctly the mediawiki files even if the File: namespace is translated
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-54 Add support for localized homepage name
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-53 Image link without file reference is crashing the import
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-52 MediaWiki categories markers are not imported
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-51 Add filter parameter to disable automatic generation of the toc
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-50 The namespaces aliases are not taken into account
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-49 Spaces should be generated only for explicitly registered namespaces by default
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-48 Convert URLs to wiki links when it leads to the current mediawiki instance
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-47 Bad handling of comments in front of heading


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-45 Captions of the media wiki images are imported only as alt texts for the XWiki images, titles should be set as well


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-44 Optimize a bit the link references
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-43 All pages from MediaWiki main namespace should go in the same XWiki space


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-42 Files are always attached even when attachment is disabled
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-37 File:file.pdf produce image element


  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-40 User pages should be imported
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-39 Leading and trailing white spaces should be removed in inline content
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-36 Inline content is sometime produced outside of any block allowed to contain inline content
  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-35 Possible Nullpointer when table row or table cell don't have any parameters




  • Closed MEDIAWIKI-30 Nullpointer on namespace handling with 1.16.0 package


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