bellThis application allows for the integration of user mentions on XWiki.
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Manuel Leduc

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

XWiki Standard 12.4-RC1+


This Mentions application allows for the integration of user mentions on XWiki.


This application integrates the user mentions feature in XWiki. Users can mention other users using a dedicated macro. Users are then notified of the pages in which they are mentioned through XWiki activity stream.

Mention Macro

The mention macro allows for the insertion of the mention to a user in a body of text.
It has two parameters:

- The identifier of the mentioned user

Using the Rich Editor

To insert a mention:

  1. In the rich editor menu click on add a mention and select other macros
  2. Search for the User Mention entry and click on select
  3. Look for a user name in the first field
  4. Select a display method for the mention:
    1. First and last name of the user (e.g., John Doe)
    2. First name only (e.g., John)
    3. User login (e.g., JDoe)

These steps are detailed in the gallery below.

Using the Source Editor

{{mention identifier="XWiki.Admin" displayChoice="FIRST_AND_LAST_NAME"/}}
{{mention identifier="XWiki.Admin" displayChoice="FIRST_NAME"/}}
{{mention identifier="XWiki.Admin" displayChoice="LOGIN"/}}


User Mentions Activation


Global Mentions Activation

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