• Tim Hays
    Tim Hays, 2014/03/20 18:39

    I was in the process of making a change to this extension to hide the menu when the user does not have permission to view the Menu share.  I ended up changing the following:

    {{html wiki="false"}}
      #set ($menuBar = "{{menu type=""horizontal fixedWidth""}}{{include reference=""$doc.prefixedFullName"" /}}{{/menu}}")<br>
      #set ($menuBar = "{{velocity}}<br>
        ${escapetool.h}if (${escapetool.d}xwiki.hasAccessLevel('view', ${escapetool.d}xcontext.userReference, 'Menu.WebHome'))<br>
        {{menu type=""horizontal fixedWidth""}}{{include reference=""$doc.prefixedFullName"" /}}{{/menu}}<br>

    I cannot post the code for the left-side or right-side menus because I never used them before and now they don't seem to work.  I completely uninstalled the extension and permanently all documents associated with the Menu space.  I re-installed and just use the basic default menu.  I couldn't get it to work.  I checked my programming rights too.

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2014/03/24 18:12

      Hi Tim, I replyed on the devs mailing list. Let's discuss there.

  • Felix Langenberg
    Felix Langenberg, 2015/04/17 19:49

    Sorry for my stupid question, im new in administrating an developing Xwiki.

    My Problem is:
    Im Just getting the Vertical Menu in all kind´s of way´s. I tried this application, the Menu Macro and the modified Version "XWikiOrgCode.MenuMacro-branch-xwikiorg.1" nether of them will schow up Horizontal, i always will get a Vertical Menu like on the second Picture.

    There is absolut no difference if i set the type horizontal or vertical.

    So i Wrote a Standart Menu Bar in HTML, and i got the same problem because i didn´t loadet the Stylesheed for my Menu and without that every Menu is shown Vertical, so i imported my stylsheed to style.css and everything ist locking perfect

    My Question is is this Behavior normal to this Application or does it have an inline stylesheet

  • brightchuh
    brightchuh, 2019/03/27 07:27

    Dear Experts:

    how can i set the backgroud color of horizontal navigation menu?

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