• Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2014/02/12 10:45

    Great extension! Would be nice to explain in more details the differences with the FullCalendar extension and to provide more screenshots (for example what happens when you click "create event" emoticon_smile).

    Also would be nice to fill the compatibility field to know what version of XWiki is required to install this extension. 

    Thanks a lot!

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2014/02/15 11:07

      Ah, there is a compatibility field! emoticon_wink Filled in something, thanks!
      If adding and editing events would just look like they should ... well, I added something preliminary how it looks right now.

      • Vincent Massol
        Vincent Massol, 2014/02/16 09:46

        Very nice documentation now, thanks a lot!

  • Ktulhu O
    Ktulhu O, 2015/01/06 14:35

    Hello, please help!

    How to change first day to monday?

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2015/01/08 11:35

      By default the first time of the week is Sunday for the English translation.
      You can change this in the page "MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarTranslations". Look for the translation string MoccaCalendar.calendar.firstDayOfWeek=0. The 0 means Sunday; change this to  MoccaCalendar.calendar.firstDayOfWeek=1 for Monday.

      Alternatively you can change this separately for every calendar by editing its calendar page in the "object" editor; you can find a setting for "First day of week" in the calendar macro of the "Content" section.

      • Ktulhu O
        Ktulhu O, 2015/01/17 12:15

        Sorry, but where is page "MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarTranslations"? I can't find it.

        • Clemens Robbenhaar
          Clemens Robbenhaar, 2015/01/17 16:46

          Ah, I forgot: because it is a "technical page", it is set to "hidden". You need to go to your user profile, section "Settings", and set "Display hidden documents" to "true". Afterwards you should be able to find the page e.g. in the Document Index of the "MoccaCalendar" space. (You can set "Display hidden documents" to false afterwards, of course).
          The alternative is to go to http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/MoccaCalendar/MoccaCalendarTranslations directly (adapt the URL to the host name, etc of your installaton).

    Gaël PAVIET SALOMON, 2015/03/05 13:45

    I need some help on an option. On my xwiki, hours are display like that :"8a, 9a,...12p, 1p,..."
    How can i change this in "08:00","12:00",...like the first screenshot ?

    I find too MoccaCalendarTranslations file, but can i change the day (manually or automatically) in Fr ? 

    Thanks to your help.

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2015/03/05 18:20

      Since version 3.2 MoccaCalendar shares some translations with Full Calendar. This includes the time format.

      You can find the translations for Full Calendar in Calendar.Translations as:


      You can change this to hh:mm for the desired result.

  • Jan Kappert
    Jan Kappert, 2015/06/02 12:07

    I have a question, i have created a new page and added a macro. On that page i like to see only agenda appointments from 1 agenda and not from all other agenda's is that possible?

    Greetings and thnx for you help.

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2015/07/08 10:16

      You can edit the macro in the following:

      1. set the field "Show events from ..." to page
      2. type in the reference to the calendar whose events you want to show in the next field "Calendar Page" in the usual Space.Page syntax.

      In wiki syntax this will look like:
      {{moccacalendar filter="page" calendarDoc="MoccaCalendar.MySpecialCalendar" /}}

      • gumn
        gumn, 2018/11/15 11:48

        Hello Clemens, and all,
        I have the same problem but I can't make things work like that. I moved the calendar from the MoccaCalendar space to another one. I use the gadget in the dashboard, so in the form I put "page" and "MySpace.MyCalendar" with no result.
        BTW, I use xwiki set in French.
        Thanks in advance !

        • Clemens Robbenhaar
          Clemens Robbenhaar, 2018/11/15 20:59

          Because of the nested pages feature the correct notation is now probably MySpace.MyCalendar.WebHome. Another alternative is to set the filter="space"; that is likely to work as long as you have no other calendars in that space.

  • beldaz
    beldaz, 2015/08/12 11:09

    Browse Source link is broken

  • Serge Marcotte
    Serge Marcotte, 2015/08/19 20:59

    When filter = "space" creation of new event always goes to MoccaCalendar space. Don't know if it help
    but I change the macro so it can now save on the current space the event. I change into the macro, variable $eventUrlTemplate ... 'MoccaCalendar' by $doc.space().

    There could by a class for having all the configuration.

    Question, when the filter = "space" it will be nice to have only the calendar that are in relation of the space when I create a new event.

    Thanks for everything.. like it verry much this application.

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2015/08/20 12:13

      Thanks for the bug report. I have applied the change to the sources on github and it should be included in the next release (see MOCCACAL-75)

      About only showing the calendars of the current space - I guess this needs a bit more thought to handle all use cases (use MOCCACAL-76 for ideas, suggestions, etc). Probably it really needs a separate configuration management page, something I tried to avoid for now ...

      Anyway, a fix that should work in your use case is:

      1. go to the page MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarEventSheet and open it in the wiki editor
      2. look for code like
        #set($hql = ", BaseObject as obj where doc.fullName=obj.name and doc.name!='MoccaCalendarTemplate' and obj.className='MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarClass' order by doc.title, doc.name")
         ; <label for="calendar">$escapetool.xml($services.localization.render('MoccaCalendar.calendar'))</label>
          : <select id="calendarParent" name="$parentParamName">
        #foreach($item in $services.query.hql($hql).execute())
      3. replace it with
        #set($hql = ", BaseObject as obj where doc.fullName=obj.name and doc.space = :space and doc.name!='MoccaCalendarTemplate' and obj.className='MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarClass' order by doc.title, doc.name")
         ; <label for="calendar">$escapetool.xml($services.localization.render('MoccaCalendar.calendar'))</label>
          : <select id="calendarParent" name="$parentParamName">
        #foreach($item in $services.query.hql($hql).bindValue( 'space', $calendarDoc.getSpace() ).execute())
  • BJ Quinn
    BJ Quinn, 2016/02/03 00:33

    How do I set the date format on the event page to be MM/dd/yy instead of day first?

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2016/03/21 15:15

      You can go to the "class" page of the event class; it is in:
      Please edit this page in the "class editor", and open the fields "Start Date" and "End Date". Both have a "Date format"  field, where you can type in e.g. MM/dd/yyyy h:mm a for a more "US style" format. 

  • Martin Macko
    Martin Macko, 2016/11/16 15:54

    Hi guys,

    After upgrading xwiki from version 7.1.4 to 8.4 (final) we are facing problem with mocca calendar 2.5.3. Everything looks fine (old events remained the same and they appear in calendar) but we are unable to create event. Once we fill required fields, we press save button and save notification at the bottom of page appears BUT no event is created. In catalina logs I can see the following:

    2016-11-16 15:22:15,600 [ourwiki/view/Main/] WARN  .o.i.DefaultObservationManager - The [org.xwiki.localization.wiki.internal.OnDemandDocumentTranslationBundle] listener is overwritting a previously registered listener [org.xwiki.localization.wiki.internal.ComponentDocumentTranslationBundle] since they both are registered under the same id [localization.bundle.document:operations:Calendar.Translations]. In the future consider removing a Listener first if you really want to register it again.
    2016-11-16 15:33:13,995 [ourwiki/edit/WikiManager/randomPageMbnjwr7P3p?template=MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarEventTemplate&parentFROM=WikiManager.Dashboard&form_token=CllqL2Xn0xMJVZ1ac&ocalcaction=create&xpage=plain&xhidden=1] WARN  o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Deprecated usage of getter [com.xpn.xwiki.api.Document.getRealLanguage] in 65:operations:[email protected],69
    2016-11-16 15:33:22,522 [ourwiki/save/MoccaCalendar/test?template=MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarEventTemplate&parentFROM=WikiManager.Dashboard&form_token=CllqL2Xn0xMJVZ1ac&ocalcaction=create&xpage=plain&ajax=true] INFO  .a.DefaultAuthorizationManager - [programming] access has been denied for user [xwiki:XWiki.martinmacko] on [operations:MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarEventValidation]: security checkpoint
    2016-11-16 15:33:22,533 [ourwiki/save/MoccaCalendar/test?template=MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarEventTemplate&parentFROM=WikiManager.Dashboard&form_token=CllqL2Xn0xMJVZ1ac&ocalcaction=create&xpage=plain&ajax=true] WARN  o.x.v.i.DefaultVelocityEngine  - Deprecated usage of getter [com.xpn.xwiki.api.Document.getRealLanguage] in 65:operations:[email protected],69 

    Could you please help?

    Thank you so much.

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2016/11/17 09:30

      Hi Martin. I'll try to ping Clemens but the best is to ask questions on the XWiki Users Mailing list.

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2016/11/21 15:40

      Looks like the page MoccaCalendar.MoccaCalendarEventValidation has been installed without programming rights; i.e. by a local admin of the operations  subwiki. Uninstalling and installing the extension via global admin should work. (Uninstalling does not remove the events you have created, but in case you are not sure, make a backup first) 

      • Martin Macko
        Martin Macko, 2016/11/22 13:48

        Guys u rocks! emoticon_smile After uninstalling and installing with global admin it works again!

        Thank you for your help!

  • Brandon Diamond
    Brandon Diamond, 2018/07/30 16:56

    Hi. I was wondering if anyone has ran into the issue of hiding created events from the page navigation on the side of the page? There will be a lot of events created on the calendar and having the list grow on the page navigation can get large.

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2018/07/31 20:32

      I can think of two recent changes that should reduce the impact of this issue:  

      • Hide application pages from the navigation tree. - This feature is available since XWiki 10.4
      • Have events as sub pages of their calendars mitigates the problem a little; you need to open one of the calendars to get flooded with events. This needs the latest version of the calendar (i.e. 2.6) and an additional migration step, as explained in the release notes.
         This admittedly does not help much in the detail view of an event, where the navigation tree opens up to that event (and all its numerous siblings). 

      As in recent XWiki versions (I forgot since which version) the document tree does not fully unfolds in case there are many sub pages I hope this is less an issue than it used to be.

  • Pumilio
    Pumilio, 2020/06/09 22:12

    Hi, great expansion.
    i'm still pretty new to the Xwiki universe but already very excited. 

    Is it possible to use the scheduler add-on with fullcalnder?  
    I would also like to build my own view, but I'm not sure how to build it with the extension.
    On the technical side of the extension I didn't find anything, so I'll have to adjust it.

    My goal is something like this as an example

  • David Ballhausen
    David Ballhausen, 2022/09/28 12:47

    Hi guys,
    i want to display only the calender in a side menu.
    Is there a way to show it without the "Create new Event" Button?
    Thx a lot

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