• kSamus
    kSamus, 2013/03/20 17:40

    For me, three more options might be useful :
    - be able to reorganize the pages to be printer in a specific order. In your example of dances, Irish and French dances could be printed before Como Bailan for instance (avoid alphabetic sort).
    - be able to select pages depending on specific tags
    - save the export configuration.
    I do not know how to implement right away.

  • Eugene D
    Eugene D, 2013/04/03 13:59

    Can this plugin make numbered toc for pdf? 

  • kgoedert
    kgoedert, 2014/03/26 14:22

    Hi, I installed the application on a xwiki 5.4 and when trying to export multiple pages, the first page is exported with the links to its children, but the children contents are always blank.
    How can I export the parent document contents and the children documents contents?

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