• Jeremie Bousquet
    Jeremie Bousquet, 2013/01/07 16:22

    Very nice ! emoticon_smile
    How do you suggest to manage when user wants a Newsletter to be sent to a mailing-list address ? I suppose we would have to create a fake-user, having mailing-list address as email field ?

    • Oana Florea
      Oana Florea, 2013/03/26 16:52

      Yes, the user emails are read only from the user profiles.

  • slaecker
    slaecker, 2014/12/18 13:37

    The Jira links in the notes for 1.0.1 miss an "S" after the "W" so the links lead to an error page.
    Example: XNEWLET-4 should be XNEWSLET-4

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