Field Macro (Radeox)

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/06/05 21:53

Allows to display object fields.

It is of little use, since the same functionality can be accomplished using the scripting API.

Parameters definition

NameOptionalAllowed valuesDefault valueDescription
textfalsea valid field name, eventually prefixed with a classname The name of the field to display. It can be prefixed with the short name of a class in the "XWiki" space, otherwise the name of the current document is assumed to be the target class. For example: email or, but not
modetrueview, rendered, edit, search, hiddenthe current default display mode "edit" for inline editing, "view" for the restThe display mode, one of the modes supported by the $doc.display method
idtrueexisting object indexfirst object of the specified type found in the current documentThe index of the target object of the specified type


  • {field:title} displays the title field of the first object of the type defined in the current document.
  • {} displays the email field of the first object of the XWiki.XWikiUsers type.
  • {field:XWikiComment.content|edit|3} displays the content field of the third XWiki.XWikiComment type in edit mode.

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