SVG Macro (Radeox)

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/06/05 21:51

Displays SVG content as PNG images.

Note: Uses the internal SVG Plugin (bundled by default) to render the image.


{svg[:alternate text[|height[|width]]]}
svg content

Parameters definition

NameOptionalAllowed valuesDefault valueDescription
texttrueany text The alternate text for the image, in case of a rendering error.
heighttruea strictly positive integer number400The height of the generated image.
widthtruea strictly positive integer number400The width of the generated image.


The content must be a valid SVG image. It can be retrieved from an attachment using Velocity, as in:


Prior to XWiki Enterprise 2.0M1, if an xml prologue is used, it must begin exactly after the opening {svg} tag, without a newline, as otherwise the conversion will fail.


{svg:The XWiki logo|100}<svg xmlns="" xmlns:xlink=""
 viewBox="-57 -57 324 114" width="162" height="57" style="overflow: hidden">
 <style type="text/css">
    * {
      fill: none;
      stroke: #999;
      stroke-width: 7.5px;
      stroke-linecap: round;
      stroke-linejoin: round;
    .X {
      stroke-width: 13px;
    .wiki {
      stroke-width: 3px;
   <g id="dash" transform="translate(20 -20)">
     <path d="M 3 -3 L 14 -14"/>
<use xlink:href="#dash" transform="rotate(-45)" class="north"/>
<use xlink:href="#dash" transform="rotate(45)" class="east"/>
<use xlink:href="#dash" transform="rotate(135)" class="south"/>
<use xlink:href="#dash" transform="rotate(-135)" class="west"/>
<line class="X" x1="-35" y1="-40" x2="35" y2="40"/>
<line class="X" x1="-35" y1="40" x2="35" y2="-40"/>
<path class="wiki" transform="translate(59 -41.5) scale(3.19)" d="M 0 0 L 5 26 14 0 23 26 28 0 M 33.5 0 V 26 M 40 0 V 26 M 55 0 L 42 13 55 26 M 60.5 0 V 26"/>

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