• Gregor Tudan
    Gregor Tudan, 2021/01/17 16:29

    Is there an option to link existing users when they log in? After configuring the plugin it creates new users (with a "-0" suffix), although the naming-strategy should create identical usernames.

    • Anca Luca
      Anca Luca, 2021/02/24 01:32

      It is possible to achieve this, but it's not available as a configuration, it needs some technical knowledge and understanding of some XWiki concepts: in order to achieve this, you need to add an object on the existing user profile page, with the id (open id) of the user that you need it to match with. In order to know what kind of data needs to be set in this page, the simplest is to check the objects of the -0 page created by the authenticator. If you choose to make so, don't forget to delete the -0 metadata, to not have 2 such objects with metadata on the wiki.

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