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55 55  Also note that there's currently no dedicated UI to mark an Extension as Recommended. To do so, navigate to your Extension page and use the Object editor. Then find the ##ExtensionCode.ExtensionClass## xobject and check the "Recommended" xproperty and save.
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57 +== Proxying ==
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59 +By default only the extension file is proxied from external source. {{info}}Since XWiki 9.2{{/info}} You can bump proxy level up and proxy also previous extension versions and their dependency information. After update of extensions this information will no longer be kept in document objects but, when requested, proxied from external source. This may be enabled by setting ##Proxy Level## attribute of ##ExtensionProxy## XObject to ##File and Previous Versions##. The point of bumping up proxying is to save space in XWiki database.
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57 57  == Customizing ==
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59 59  {{info}}Since XWiki 8.3{{/info}} The home page is meant to be customized. Its content is created by including other pages which make up the separate pieces of the UI. You can decide to reuse only some of them or even replace them with your own content.

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