• Marius Dumitru Florea
    Marius Dumitru Florea, 2012/10/25 22:24

    Hi Karel, in case you don't know, I'm currently working on implementing XWIKI-8355: Define XClass property types using components which should help you avoid patching the XWiki core. Instead, you will be able to provide the new property type in a jar that is a dependency of your extension.

  • KarelGardas
    KarelGardas, 2012/10/25 23:12

    Ah, Marius, you are reading my mind! That would be fantastic to have indeed! Have you seen my diff? It's all about just adding SPARQ list type property to the XWiki...

  • Vincent Massol
    Vincent Massol, 2012/10/26 10:55

    Interesting extension. Would be nice to add some screenshots too Karel!

    Also I've modified a bit the first pagragraph to make it look nicer. Maybe you could do the same for the rest of the doc? emoticon_smile


  • KarelGardas
    KarelGardas, 2012/11/06 14:14

    Vincent, thanks! I'll try to find some time to better format this page. In fact it's basically what we had documented in our internal trac wiki so the formatting is not always right or compatible with xwiki. Thanks for the hint!

  • Anton Hughes
    Anton Hughes, 2015/07/16 18:26

    The Prerequisites mentioned above - are they still required for installing the Semantic extension?

    • Clemens Robbenhaar
      Clemens Robbenhaar, 2016/08/19 13:49

      If you build the latest version (1.2.0) from source, the patches to the XWiki platform are no longer necessary.

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