• lpereira
    lpereira, 2009/06/18 15:40

    This is amazing. Thank you Jerome!

  • Intertesto
    Intertesto, 2011/08/09 19:31

    Note that this extension works only if page syntax is xwiki 1.0 (on Xwiki 3.1)

  • Intertesto
    Intertesto, 2011/08/10 14:54

    great extension, but it's probably time to update the editor, see http://ace.ajax.org/

  • Li Lee
    Li Lee, 2014/09/11 10:47

    It seems that the extension have been not updated for a long time, but I work on the xwiki 6.1 with 2.1 syntax, and this extension works only on 1.0 syntax, I would greatly appreciate if someone could give me a solution.

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