• Dmitry Bakbardin
    Dmitry Bakbardin, 2012/03/07 16:47

    In 3.4 "loading data" is endless

  • 114 Hareketi
    114 Hareketi, 2014/01/31 12:14

    In 5.2, still "loading data" is endless. This is a mandatory panel for viewing and editing the hierarchy of all pages. There is no where for modifying the tree for all pages.

  • 114 Hareketi
    114 Hareketi, 2014/02/11 15:30

    I want to fix this; where is the source code of this application?

    • Ecaterina Moraru (Valica)
      Ecaterina Moraru (Valica), 2014/02/11 15:34

      From what I can see, the sources are available just in the attached XAR. Download the XAR, import it in your local wiki, make your modifications.
      You can attach a new version of the XAR with your modifications here. 

      Another solution would be to request a github xwiki-contrib repository (as documented here http://contrib.xwiki.org/), commit the content of the attached XAR and continue development there.

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2014/02/11 15:35

      You can download it, it's a XAR (i.e. a set of wiki pages). Then you can repackage with a newer version or you could request a project on xwiki-contrib (see http://contrib.xwiki.org).

  • Nilesh Bharakhada
    Nilesh Bharakhada, 2014/07/29 17:09

    I tried this with xwiki enterprise 6.1 and got the message "Server returned TRANSPORT_ERROR with no error message."

  • Ilsa Loving
    Ilsa Loving, 2014/12/01 17:16

    I have the same problem as Nilesh.  This extension needs to be either fixed, or removed from xwiki since it's clearly broken.

    • Vincent Massol
      Vincent Massol, 2014/12/03 10:52

      I have added an info box explaining what the newest recommendation is if you need a Tree view Panel.

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