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list-add.pngTag pages with keywords and navigate your wiki using these keywords
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XWiki's tag feature lets you add keywords to your pages and retrieve all pages to which the keyword is associated. Any user can freely enter tags he considers suitable for a given page, whether those tags have already been used by others or not.

Tagging a page

This is the tagging mode setup by default in a new XWiki instance. It is quite easy to add a tag to a page or a document. This allows the creation of your own folksonomy on your XWiki through the use of tags.

To add a tag go to the bottom of the page and click on the "+" next to the word "Tags".


A Pop-up will appear inviting you to add the tags, separated by comma. Type in the tags and click "Add".


A list of suggestions may appear while you are typing. This indicates tags you have already used, and may want to use again.


If you want to delete a tag all you have to do is click on "X" next to the tag as follows:


XWiki 15.1+ Tags are hidden when there are none:
When there aren't any tags assigned to a page, the text “Tags:” is no longer displayed at the bottom of the page unless the user has edit rights.

When the user has no edit rights:

When the user has edit rights:

Accessing Tags

After you have tagged your pages you can get access to the list of tags and subscribe to them through RSS.

Retrieve a tag

Once a set of pages is tagged, you can retrieve them on the Tags Summary page of your wiki (http://<server>/xwiki/bin/view/Main/Tags). The page displays the list of all available tags.


View Pages For a Tag

Once you have selected (clicked on) a tag, you get the list of all pages tagged with the chosen keyword. In addition, you can even choose to get an RSS feed on a tag. Everytime someone adds the given tag to a page or changes a page tagged with the keyword, you will receive a notification. Find out more about RSS Feeds here.


Tags API

For the underlying API, see XWiki Platform - Tag - API.

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