cogDisplay the avatar of a user, or a standard image noavatar.png if the user has no avatar.
TypeDoc (Velocity Macro)
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XWiki Development Team

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
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XWiki Enterprise, XWiki Enterprise Manager


A user's avatar is a url that is defined by editing a user's profile. This currently must be done through the object editor as the avatar text field is not shown in the standard form.

Since XWiki Enterprise 2.5 four new velocity macros have been added for making it easier to display avatars. See release notes.



Parameters definition

NameOptionalAllowed valuesDefault valueDescription
usernamenoa stringnoneXWiki user of the form "XWiki.UserName"


The avatar of the user that's viewing this page:



Here is an example for a user without an avatar:


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Created by LuisArias on 2007/04/08 10:39

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