• softec
    softec, 2008/07/08 19:23

    For those migrating (for myself, it was from 1.3.1 to 1.4.1), deleting all WatchListJobs in the Scheduler and restarting the container to have them recreated, have help me a lot to have watchlist working properly. (Before, mails contains an exception due to improper rights)

    Note that WatchList (at least in 1.4.1) use by default XWiki.Admin to manage their right access. If XWiki.Admin has no access to the document, an exception occurs.

    Note also that the frequency of notification is taken from the last character of the job name. This is a good trick if you have to add a test job for temporary tuning.

    Great feature once it works emoticon_smile Thanks,


  • YCLee
    YCLee, 2010/04/20 18:05

    Just wonder how could general users configure xwiki to receive email notification(since they aren't administrator)?

  • JorisDirks
    JorisDirks, 2010/06/30 14:49

    In XWiki.WatchListClass I can define an object "users" ("User list"). Can this be used to track edits made by specific users? Can this field be filled anywhere else than the object editor? Clicking 'watch' on a user page just adds the user's userpage to my watchlist.

  • PatrickMoens
    PatrickMoens, 2011/08/25 17:31

    Is it possible to set by default  the "WatchList daily notifier"? I've installed the xwiki 3.1 and the 70 users must edit there preferences to set the delay of notifier , otherwise they dont't received emails. The wiki will be used by other users and I'm looking the set this by default for them.

    thanks for help.


  • Walid YAICH
    Walid YAICH, 2014/06/11 11:35
    It's possible to control it's level

    "to control its level" not "it's level" emoticon_wink

    • Marius Dumitru Florea
      Marius Dumitru Florea, 2014/06/12 08:00

      Feel free to correct any typos or mistakes you may find. This is a wiki. We build the documentation collaboratively.

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