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2 Konqeror does not provide a complete file system like abstraction to a WebDAV share.
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5 Konqueror is the default web browser in a KDE environment. It has much more capabilities than an ordinary web browser; WebDAV support is just one of them. In my own experience Konqueror's WebDAV support is quite superior to what is provided by Nautilus on a Gnome environment. The following steps demonstrate how to setup Konqueror to access XWiki WebDAV shares:
7 * Open Konqueror (either from the panel or from the KDE menu) and navigate to **Go -> Network Folders**:
8 [[image:network.folders.png]]
10 * The next window lists all the network folders available for you. Double click on the **Add Network Folder** icon:
11 [[image:new.connection.png]]
13 * On the next dialog, select **WebFolder(webdav)** as the network folder type and click **Next**:
14 [[image:connection.type.png]]
16 * Now enter your connection settings and click **Save & Connect**:
17 [[image:settings.png]]
19 * On the next window, fill in your authentication details for the remote XWiki server and click **Ok**:
20 [[image:authenticate.png]]
22 * Now wait until Konqueror opens up your XWiki:
23 [[image:browse.png]]
25 * That's it! If you go back to the **Network Folders** window of Konqueror you will see your new connection listed there:
26 [[image:link.png]]

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