cogIntercepts attachment download requests to display contents found inside attached ZIP files
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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1


Example 1: Link to an attached Javadoc zip

Imagine that you have a JAR/ZIP file named xwiki-commons-component-api-3.4-javadoc.jar attached to the current page and that it contains some Javadoc (and thus it has an entry page named index.html). You'd create a link to the Javadoc like this:

[[Javadoc>>path:$xwiki.zipexplorer.getFileLink($doc, "xwiki-commons-component-api-3.4-javadoc.jar", "index.html")]]

Example 2: List files in an attachment

The following example lists the files in an attached zip file. The file content may be viewed by clicking on the generated links.

#foreach($file in $plugin.getFileTreeList($doc, $attachment))
 * [[$>>path:$plugin.getFileLink($doc, $attachment, $]]



If you're using XWiki Syntax 2.0 or earlier you'll need to create the link like this instead:

  * {{html}}<a href="$plugin.getFileLink($doc, $attachment, $">$</a>{{/html}}

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

To activate this plugin make sure the class com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.zipexplorer.ZipExplorerPlugin is listed in the plugins property of the xwiki.cfg configuration file.

The id of the plugin is zipexplorer.


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