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1 A Recommended Extension is an Extension that has the following characteristics:
2 * Not a core Extension (i.e. not bundled by default in the base XWiki Distribution)
3 * The Extension is meant for users or admins (but not for developers)
4 * We don't recommend extensions that are installed as dependencies of other recommended extensions, unless there are end-user use cases for using them directly.
5 * Actively supported by one or several known persons (i.e. bugs get fixed in a timely manner, questions on the list are answered, releases are done regularly - several times per year)
6 * Works at least with the latest stable XWiki versions and with the LTS version
7 * Presents a polished aspect and is easy to use
8 * Mostly follows [[the best practices>>dev:Community.ApplicationDevelopmentBestPractices]]. Important aspects that must be followed:
9 ** Technical pages are hidden
10 ** Extension is registered in the Applications Panel (when it has a user UI)
11 ** Pages are written in XWiki Syntax 2.0+
13 You can also check the [[full list of all Extensions>>ExtensionCode.AllExtensions.WebHome]].

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