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Vincent Massol 1.1 1 A Recommended Extension is an Extension that has the following characteristics:
Vincent Massol 2.1 2
Vincent Massol 3.2 3 * Not a core Extension (i.e. not bundled by default in the base XWiki Distribution) - All core extensions are recommended by default
Vincent Massol 1.1 4 * The Extension is meant for users or admins (but not for developers)
5 * We don't recommend extensions that are installed as dependencies of other recommended extensions, unless there are end-user use cases for using them directly.
Vincent Massol 4.1 6 * Actively supported by one or several known persons
7 ** Questions on the list are answered
8 ** Releases are done regularly and at least 1 release exists
9 ** Bugs get fixed regularly
10 ** The extension has to continue to satisfy the following criteria to keep being recommended
11 *** There have been no bug issue updated within the past rolling 365 days. JQL = {{code language='none'}}project = “xxx” AND updated >= -365d and type = Bug{{/code}}
12 *** Or there have been bug issue updated within the past rolling 365 days BUT there have also been issue fixed during those past 365 days. JQL = {{code language='none'}}project = "xxx" AND updated >= -365d and resolution = Fixed{{/code}}. Note: that we consider here that even if the closed issues are not bug ones, it’s enough to justify that there’s been activity to the extension.
Vincent Massol 4.2 13 * Works at least with the latest stable XWiki versions and with the LTS version (when possible. Sometimes an extension will require some new API only available in the stable version)
Vincent Massol 1.1 14 * Presents a polished aspect and is easy to use
15 * Mostly follows [[the best practices>>dev:Community.ApplicationDevelopmentBestPractices]]. Important aspects that must be followed:
16 ** Technical pages are hidden
17 ** Extension is registered in the Applications Panel (when it has a user UI)
18 ** Pages are written in XWiki Syntax 2.0+
Vincent Massol 2.1 19 ** Works with the [[supported browsers>>doc:dev:Community.BrowserSupportStrategy]]
Vincent Massol 3.1 20 ** Works with the [[supported databases>>doc:dev:Community.DatabaseSupportStrategy]]
Vincent Massol 3.3 21 ** Works with the [[supported Servlet Containers>>doc:dev:Community.ServletContainerSupportStrategy.WebHome]]
Vincent Massol 1.1 22
Vincent Massol 1.2 23 You can also check the [[full list of all Extensions>>ExtensionCode.AllExtensions.WebHome]].

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