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cogCreate events using XWiki objects
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This is the old calendar application, bundled in early versions of XWiki Enterprise.
It has been removed since it wasn't actively maintained and didn't meet the quality standards required for platform code.

This extension uses the plugin technology which has been deprecated and is now replaced by Components.
If someone is interested in improving this extension, we recommend rewriting it as components.

The calendar plugin allows the creation of events using XWiki objects. 

How to use

  • Drop the calendar plugin jar in the xwiki/WEB-INF/lib/ directory
  • Download the ical4j jar and put it in WEB-INF/lib/ as well
  • Add "com.xpn.xwiki.plugin.calendar.CalendarPlugin" to the list of plugins in xwiki.cfg
  • Install the Calendar Application

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

Follow these steps:

  • Add the JAR in your container classpath (WEB-INF/lib)
  • Edit xwiki.cfg and add the following line to the list of plugins :
           ... ,\
         <plugin package>
  • Restart your container
  • Verify the plugin is properly installed by typing the following in a wiki page :
    $xwiki.<plugin name>.name

    If the installation has been successful, you will see <plugin name>.

Release Notes


  • XACALENDAR-9 : Improvement for next and previous month from "<" and ">" to "< previous" and "next >"  
  • XACALENDAR-10 : Modify default start/end dates format to include time information (HH:mm)  
  • XACALENDAR-11 : Use document title when title is blank in the event object
  • XACALENDAR-12 : Users see all events in the calendar, even those from documents they're not able to view 



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