Deprecated Ratings Application (before 12.9RC1)

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  This page contains the documentation of the Ratings Application before the changes performed in 12.9RC1.


This app allows users to rate Wiki pages.

Starting with XWiki 6.4, this extension's sources have been integrated into a module of the XWiki Platform. Thus the jump in the version number.


Rating stars displayed in XWiki pages.

Rating stars displayed in Extension Manager.

UI Extension point

The javascript that injected the ratings html after the breadcrumb (id="hierarchy") has been replaced by a UI Extension Point.
This change has the advantage that it allows ratings to be displayed in the flamingo skin.
The problem with the old approach was that in flamingo there is no html element with the id "hierarchy".

Ratings are disabled by default

By default, the ratings are disabled.
You can activate them either globally or at space level.
Please see below how to do that.

New configuration source

As opposed to the older versions, since 6.4 the ratings configuration can now be done via XWiki objects.
This means that it is possible to configure the application on a space basis.

The main configuration source is located at XWiki.RatingsConfig. From the XWiki.RatingsConfig page select Edit > Objects and set the "Display ratings" to Yes, then Save & View.


In order to have separate configurations for each space you need to attach a XWiki.RatingsConfigClass object to the WebPreferences document of that space. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no UI for editing the configuration so it has to be done by editing the objects manually.

A important thing to note is that a fallback to xwiki.[cfg|preferences] has been kept.

The precedence order is as follows:

  1. *.WebPreferences
  2. XWiki.RatingsConfig
  3. xwiki.cfg
  4. xwiki.preferences


displayRatingsDisplay the ratings or notbooleantrue
excludedPagesPages on which ratings should not be displayedcomma separated list of documents-
managerHintThe ratings manager to use. This defines where the ratings are storeddefault=same page,separate=different spacedefault
storageSpaceIn case of using the separate ratings manager, specify in which space to save the rating informationspace name-
storageSeparateSpacesStore the ratings for each space individually (only takes effect at global level, on space level use storageSpace)booleanfalse
storeAverageRatingStore the average rating in an object or keep it in memorybooleanfalse
reputationCalculate the user's reputationbooleanfalse
reputationStoredStore the user reputation in an object or keep it in memorybooleanfalse
reputationMethodName of the methods used for calculating a user's reputationcomma separated list of values-
reputationAlgorithmThe algorithm used to calculate the reputationdefault,simple,customdefault
reputationCustomAlgorithmWhen the reputationAlgorithm property is set to "custom" a reference to the algorithm must be providedDocument containing the groovy script-

Available Stores


Ratings can store the information in different places. 

XWiki <12.7 Two store were available:
  - default: store the ratings directly on the rated pages
  - separate: store each rating in a separate page 

XWiki 12.7+ A new store is available:
  - solr: store the ratings in a dedicated Solr Core.

Note that if it's possible to change from one store to another by modifying Ratings configuration, we currently do not support migrating the existing ratings from one store to another.

Installation Instructions

  • For 1.3+
    • Install using Extension Manager
  • For 1.1. and 1.2 only
    • This application relies on the Ratings Plugin. Please make sure you have successfully installed this plugin first.
    • Add XWiki.RatingsTranslations as an internationalization document bundle
    • Visit the Ratings section of the administration UI to activate or deactivate ratings

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