cogProvides Twitter macros, panels and badges
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Ludovic Dubost

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Provides panels showing the last updates of the Twitter 'XWiki' channel as well as the last updates containing the word 'xwiki' and a Twitter flash badge.

It also gives access to Twitter macros allowing to display anywhere in XWiki the list of updates or twitter search results. Note that you can also use scripting to do your own custom Twitter interaction. These macros are using the Twitter4J api.

Here is how to embed your Twitter streams in your own XWiki pages:

#twitter_user("xwiki" 20)
#twitter_search("xwiki" 20)

You can see a live demo of the Twitter macros on Ludovic Dubost's Blog.

To install you just need to import the xar page and visit the Twitter space. Note that the Twitter.TwitterGroovy requires programming rights and therefore being saved by an XWiki superadmin.

The implementation of the Twitter Badge seems not to work when the user name is changed. Currently (July 09) Twitter allows you to customize the badge to quite some degree and so it is maybe better to change Twitter.TwitterMacros twitter_badge macro HTML code to what is provided by Twitter. Copy the new HTML code and replace the existing HTML in the twitter_badge. Then just make sure that you replace the name with $user in order to keep the macro customizable.

Created by Ludovic Dubost on 2009/01/02 17:15

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