Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/02/04 09:51

Nautilus does not provide a complete file system like abstraction to a WebDAV share.

Recent versions of Nautilus seem to have broken WebDAV support as reported here and here.

Nautilus is Gnome's default file explorer and it has in-built WebDAV support. The following steps were tested on a Fedora 7 system running Nautilus 2.18.1:

  • Open up Nautilus (by opening the current user's home folder) and select File -> Connect To Server:
  • On the next window, enter your WebDAV connection details as demonstrated and click Connect:
  • As a result of the above step, a link will be placed on your desktop. Double click on this link to open it:
  • The next window will ask you for your authentication details for the XWiki server. Fill them in and click Connect:
  • That's all! Wait patiently until Nautilus opens your XWiki WebDAV share:

If the above steps don't work with your Nautilus version, try entering the following URLs directly into Nautilus' address bar:


The above workaround may or may not work depending on your Nautilus version.

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