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Ludovic Dubost, Ecaterina Moraru (Valica), xwiki:XWiki.XWikiSAS

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This extension has not been maintained for a long time and is considered deprecated. Note that XWiki is now a responsive application that should work fine on mobile.


XWiki Mobile Application (Project Morpho) is an hybrid Mobile Application for iOS and Android allowing to access the content of XWiki instances (XWiki Enterprise and XWiki Enterprise Manager). It requires currently at least XWiki 4.5.x. 

The features available on XWiki Mobile are:

  • configure access to XWiki instances
  • view list of XWiki instances
  • view latest changes
  • search for content
  • view spaces and spaces pages
  • view applications and application pages
  • view pages, including images and attachments
  • navigate between pages
  • open pages in your Native Browser
  • XEM features
    • view list of subwikis and access features for each wiki
    • view changes on a XEM instance
    • search a XEM instance

The mobile OS supported are:

- iPhone, iPad on iOS 5.0+ (Beta)
- Android phones version 4.x (Alpha)




Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

  • iPhone and iOS:


  • Android:

An Android alpha is available here, and you can also use the QR code below. To install it you will need to accept installations from "unknown sources" in your Android device.

 Date  Notes  Link  QR Code
 May 2nd, 2013  XEM Support, Easier configuration, UI Changes  download 

QR Code

How to configure your wiki instance

First you need XWiki Enterprise, XWiki Enterprise Manager 4.5+ or an XWiki Cloud instance (

The configuration depends on your type of wiki:

  • Single XWiki Enterprise instance: choose "XWiki Enterprise"
  • XWiki Cloud instance: use "XWiki Cloud"
  • Single wiki inside an XWiki Enterprise Manager: use "XWiki Cloud"
  • XWiki Enterprise Manager: choose "XWiki Enterprise Manager in DNS or Path based mode" (URL is when your subwikis are, Path based is when your subwiki is

The automatic mode will check being able to connect to the REST API. If it fails, it might be either a credentials issue, or that your wiki is using some custom configuration which has changed the path of the URLs. You can use manual setting mode to specify each URL manually.

If you have problems with installing or using the application contact us in the XWiki Users List.

You can report issues on the XWiki Morpho Bug Tracker


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