cogA social application to allow XWiki to be part of the fediverse
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Simon Urli, Manuel Leduc

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Installable with the Extension Manager


The ActivityPub application aims at allowing to connect XWiki with other instances of the fediverse.

Quick Overview

Once installed the ActivityPub Application allows an XWiki instance to be part of the fediverse: all users of this instance are reachable for other ActivityPub services, or other XWiki instances using the same extension. 

Users of an XWiki instance can interact with ActivityPub in two main places:

  • the ActivityPub links, in the application menu
  • or the ActivityPub tab in any users' profile

Note that those places can also be used by guest users of the wiki, to retrieve the identifier of an user, to use it in another service.
The application might also insert new buttons and actions in pages, like the Share page button.
For administrators, a new ActivityPub page is available in Administration.

Available activities

ActivityPub focused on sharing activities between several instances of the fediverse.

Follow User

Following an XWiki user allows to receive Create and Update notifications when this user authored a change in the wiki.

To follow an user in XWiki, go in the ActivityPub application you will get a form that allows you to enter the identifier of a user to follow him/her.
Note that this identifier is needed for all kind of ActivityPub interaction, if it is about an XWiki user from another instance, you can find the identifier in his profile, in the "ActivityPub" pane. 



Any user can send messages to her followers, or to any other ActivityPub user.
For sending a message, go in the ActivityPub application and click on the "Messaging" tab. You will be asked to enter the targeted users by giving their identifiers, but you can also choose your followers.

Two tabs are available in the dashboard since ActivityPub 1.2 if you want to consult the received or sent messages.

1.5+ The messages are now part of the discussions described below.

Sharing documents

XWiki users can share documents to other ActivityPub users (both local and remote).
For sharing a document, go to any wiki page and click on the share button at the top right of the page (see the gallery below). You will be asked to enter the targeted users, but you can also choose your followers.

Documents are also shared automatically to your followers when you create or update public documents of a wiki.

The content of shared documents is sent to the receivers. That way, receivers of shared documents can consult them in place on modal popups.


Mentioning an ActivityPub Actor

Mentioning an ActivityPub is based on the mention mechanism provided by Mentions Application.
XWiki 12.10 allows to mention various kind of users, but the feature is not yet integrated in the user interface.
To mention an ActivityPub user, a mention macro should be integrated in the document sources following the sample below:

{{mention reference="[email protected]" style="FULL_NAME" anchor="uniqueAnchor" type="activitypub"/}}

Currently, mentioning a Mastodon user send an activity to the Mastodon instance of the user, but Mastodon does not accept mentions on Page entities.

Like elements


It is possible to directly like ActivityPub elements from the Notification area by clicking on the heart icon next to them in the detailed view.
All the elements that have been liked can be found in the dedicated view in ActivityPub main dashboard. 



The discussions presents the Note object exchanged between ActivityPub instance in a structured way.
The discussions can be created, listed and viewed from the ActivitPub application.
Notes received from the Fediverse are also handled. A Note is either integrated to the discussions if it is a reply to an existing Note, otherwise a new discussions is created.

Create a discussion

Using the New Message tab of the dashboard, the user can send a message to a list of users.
One the message is sent, a discussion containing this message is automatically created.
This new discussion is visible in the list of discussions.

List the Discussions

The dashboard provides a Discussion tab displaying the discussions related to the current actor.

Reply from the notifications

It is possible to contribute to a discussion from the notification pane by using the reply button.
Clicking on the reply button open a modal screen with a form, allowing to add a message to the discussion of the activity linked to the notification.
If the discussion does not exist, it is created when a first message is sent.


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