cogImprove Java's ClassLoader APIs and add ability to register URL stream handlers
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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
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Exists since XWiki 2.0.1.


This module uses code originally written by Dawid Kurzyniec and released to the public domain.

Compared to the standard Java Class loading API, this module adds:

  • Namespacing
  • Ability to add URLs to an already constructed URLClassLoader
  • Several bugfixes and improvements. From its Javadoc:
    * Equivalent of but without bugs related to ill-formed URLs and with customizable JAR caching
     * policy. The standard URLClassLoader accepts URLs containing spaces and other characters which are forbidden in the
     * URI syntax, according to the RFC 2396. As a workaround to this problem, Java escapes and un-escapes URLs in various
     * arbitrary places; however, this is inconsistent and leads to numerous problems with URLs referring to local files
     * with spaces in the path. SUN acknowledges the problem, but refuses to modify the behavior for compatibility reasons;
     * see Java Bug Parade 4273532, 4466485.
     * <p>
     * Additionally, the JAR caching policy used by URLClassLoader is system-wide and inflexible: once downloaded JAR files
     * are never re-downloaded, even if one creates a fresh instance of the class loader that happens to have the same URL
     * in its search path. In fact, that policy is a security vulnerability: it is possible to crash any URL class loader,
     * thus affecting potentially separate part of the system, by creating URL connection to one of the URLs of that class
     * loader search path and closing the associated JAR file. See Java Bug Parade 4405789, 4388666, 4639900.
     * <p>
     * This class avoids these problems by 1) using URIs instead of URLs for the search path (thus enforcing strict syntax
     * conformance and defining precise escaping semantics), and 2) using custom URLStreamHandler which ensures
     * per-classloader JAR caching policy.

In addition it allows registering new URL Stream handlers (this is used for example by the jars parameter of the Script Macro).

Adding a new URL Stream Handler

This is useful for example if you wish to add a new way to reference a JAR when using the Script Macro. For example imagine you wish to retrieve the JAR from a remote Maven Repository by passing only a groupId, artifactId and a version. You could implement a new Stream Handler to be able to write something like:

{{groovy jars="groupId:artifactId:version"}}

To do so, Implements a component implementing the org.xwiki.classloader.ExtendedURLStreamHandler role. 

Example: AttachmentURLStreamHandler

public class AttachmentURLStreamHandler extends URLStreamHandler implements ExtendedURLStreamHandler


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