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cogAllows you to run XWiki as an Eclipse product.
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Mikhail Kotelnikov

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LicenseEclipse Public License - v 1.0

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This page is about running XWiki as an Eclipse product. You can get more info about what an Eclipse product is here: Eclipsepedia FAQ: What is an Eclipse product?

The attached file defines an Eclipse XWiki product containing mainly the two following features:

  • a web server feature, consisting of the Eclipse tomcat bundle (org.eclipse.tomcat) and of a wrapper bundle (org.semdesk.webserver) that will let you run any webapp from Tomcat, whereas by default, the Tomcat bundle is used only for the Eclipse help webapp
  • the XWiki feature, consisting of the XWiki webapp. The XWiki plugin declares an extension to the extension point org.semdesk.webserver.webapps defined by the org.semdesk.webserver bundle

You will have to get rid of the org.semanticdesktop.* plugins declared in the XWiki-feature file since they are not publicly available yet (they will be by February 2007).

All files are released under the Eclipse Public License. The credits go to Mikhail Kotelnikov, from CogniumSystems, also author of WikiModel, and to the European NEPOMUK project, aiming at creating a social semantic desktop on top of Eclipse, KDE and Firefox (see also


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