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cogAllows accessing extensions located in a Maven repository
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XWiki Development Team

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1
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XWiki Standard

Installable with the Extension Manager


Allows to download extensions coming from a Maven repository.


auth.user4.3M1A user idThe user to use to authenticate to the maven repository
auth.password4.3M1A passwordThe password to use to authenticate to the maven repository
checksumPolicy10.7RC1fail, warn or ignorewhat to do when checksum validation fail, the default is warn
http.headers.*13.0RC1A header valueCustom HTTP headers to be used when connecting to the maven repository. The name of the header is defined at the end of the configuration key : http.headers.myheadername. This configuration key can be repeated over multiple lines in order to define different headers.

Since 8.3 all Aether RepositorySystemSession configuration properties are supported. They usually are prefixed with "aether.". Most of them are defined in the class org.eclipse.aether.ConfigurationProperties. For example to increase the connection timeout you can use aether.connector.connectTimeout (in milliseconds).

Difference with dependency version interpretation

Soft requirement dependencies (for example "1.0") are interpreted as "<version> is best but greater version is accepted" while in Maven it means "<version> is best but any version is accepted". This decision has been made since pretty much nobody read the specification and use it properly which mean in most projects you will see almost only soft requirements used as if they meant the minimum version (including XWiki itself). This mistake is OK in Maven context where you just build your project but it's creating a mess when installing extensions with different versions of the same dependency.

Since Extension Manager internal version syntax follow Maven syntax the handler is not doing any conversion so you can look at Extension Module versions documentation for more details.

Dependencies version conflict resolution differences

While Maven select the dependency version closer to the root, Extension Manager is choosing the greatest found version.


Since 11.0 the profile legacy is enabled by default when reading a Maven pom. In XWiki ecosystem this profile is generally used to folder module and dependencies containing retro compatibility API not used anymore but we pretty much always want then in the runtime. It may be made configurable in the future.

Optional dependencies

Extension Manager install by default dependencies with <optional>true</optional>. Since 11.7RC1 this apply only to extensions using the custom Maven property xwiki.extension.optionalIncluded with true to avoid going against Maven default behavior (for retro compatibility reasons it's true by default for grouIds prefixes known to generally be XWiki extensions: "org.xwiki" and "com.xwiki").


The support for <exclusions> has been added in XWiki 12.2. Before that this information is ignored and excluded dependencies are installed.

Custom properties

It's possible to customize the pom.xml file beyond what is supported by Maven with the following custom properties:

xwiki.extension.name4.2STRINGThe extension pretty name. Overrides <name> standard Maven property.
xwiki.extension.summary4.2STRINGA short summary of the extension. Overrides <description> standard Maven property.
xwiki.extension.website4.2URLThe home page of the extension. Overrides <website> standard Maven property.
xwiki.extension.features3.2STRING LISTThe features provided by the extension ordered from most recent to oldest. Can be used for example to list old identifiers of the extension. Since 8.0 it can be associated to a version using the following syntax feature/version. See virtual extensions documentation for more details.
xwiki.extension.category7.0STRINGThe category (e.g. application, colortheme, skin, etc). Full default list is available here.
xwiki.extension.namespaces8.0STRING LIST

The namespaces on which the extension is allowed to be installed. The following syntaxes are supported:

  • hardcoded namespaces: namespace
      example with two namespaces: namespace1, namespace2
  • root namespace: {root}
      example with root namespace and wiki "xwiki": {root}, wiki:xwiki
  • regexp: [regexp]
      example to match all wikis starting with "wiki" and ending with a digit: [wiki:wiki\d]
xwiki.extension.jar.type9.0STRINGThe type of the extension. Overrides <packaging> standard Maven property.
xwiki.extension.optionalIncluded11.7BOOLEANIndicate if optional dependencies should be ignored or taken into account. Default is false (except for org.xwiki and com.xwiki prefixed groupIds for which it's true).
xwiki.extension.components13.3COMPONENTSThe list of role/hint couples provided by the extension. Example for an extension which provide 2 macros mymacro and myothermacro:
xwiki.extension.previousIds14.10.2STRING LISTThe previous identifiers of the extension that should be taken into account when importing the extension in a XWiki Repository
BOOLEANTrue or False (any case)
STRINGA free form string
URLA valid URL
STRING LISTComa (',') or white space (' ') separated list of free form strings. Backslash ('\') can be used as an escaping characters (including for backslash). New lines are ignored when parsing, so a good practice is to put each feature on a separate line.

Maven to Extension type conversion

Maven types often have an exact Extension type (provided it's part of the supported types) but some have special treatment:

  • pom: module of type pom or dependencies of type pom for modules with a different default type produces Extension with empty type

Custom repositories

Support for Maven <repositories> has been added in XWiki 7.3 Milestone 1. Before that it's simply ignored.

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

We recommend using the Extension Manager to install this extension (Make sure that the text "Installable with the Extension Manager" is displayed at the top right location on this page to know if this extension can be installed with the Extension Manager).

You can also use the manual method which involves dropping the JAR file and all its dependencies into the WEB-INF/lib folder and restarting XWiki.


Dependencies for this extension (org.xwiki.commons:xwiki-commons-extension-repository-maven 16.3.1):

  • org.xwiki.commons:xwiki-commons-properties 16.3.1
  • org.xwiki.commons:xwiki-commons-environment-api 16.3.1
  • org.xwiki.commons:xwiki-commons-extension-maven 16.3.1
  • org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-api 1.4.1
  • org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-util 1.4.1
  • org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-impl 1.4.1
  • org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-connector-basic 1.4.1
  • org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-transport-http 1.4.1
  • org.apache.maven.resolver:maven-resolver-transport-file 1.4.1
  • org.apache.maven:maven-resolver-provider 3.6.3
  • org.apache.maven:maven-core 3.6.3
  • org.eclipse.sisu:org.eclipse.sisu.plexus 0.9.0.M2
  • jakarta.annotation:jakarta.annotation-api 1.3.5

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