cogDisplays numbered headings in the wiki
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Check the Numbered Reference Macro which provides more features and is more recent.

Insert the following in your page to have the headings automatically numbered:


To extend this to the whole wiki:

  • edit objects of page Macros.NumberedHeadingsStylesheetExtensionMacro
  • navigate to the XWiki.StyleSheetExtension object
  • choose "Use this extension" : "Always" instead of "On demand"
  • Then all headings will be numbered without need of adding the {{numberedheadings/}} in each page

Sample result:


This macro was greatly inspired by this thread. Only small bits were done to adapt it to XWiki.


This macro adds the following CSS to the page where it's used:

#xwikicontent { 
    counter-reset: mynum-h1 !important; 

#xwikicontent h1 {
    counter-reset: mynum-h2 !important;

#xwikicontent h1:before {
    content: counter(mynum-h1) " " !important;
    counter-increment: mynum-h1 !important;

#xwikicontent h2 {
    counter-reset: mynum-h3 !important;

#xwikicontent h2:before {
    content: counter(mynum-h1) "." counter(mynum-h2) " " !important;
    counter-increment: mynum-h2 !important;

#xwikicontent h3 {
    counter-reset: mynum-h4 !important;

#xwikicontent h3:before {
    content: counter(mynum-h1) "." counter(mynum-h2) "." counter(mynum-h3) " " !important;
    counter-increment: mynum-h3 !important;

#xwikicontent h4 {
    counter-reset: mynum-h5 !important;

#xwikicontent h4:before {
    content: counter(mynum-h1) "." counter(mynum-h2) "." counter(mynum-h3) "." counter(mynum-h4) " " !important;
    counter-increment: mynum-h4 !important;

#xwikicontent h5 {
    counter-reset: mynum-h6 !important;

#xwikicontent h5:before {
    content: counter(mynum-h1) "." counter(mynum-h2) "." counter(mynum-h3) "." counter(mynum-h4) "." counter(mynum-h5) " " !important;
    counter-increment: mynum-h5 !important;

#xwikicontent h6 {


#xwikicontent h6:before {
    content: counter(mynum-h1) "." counter(mynum-h2) "." counter(mynum-h3) "." counter(mynum-h4) "." counter(mynum-h5) "." counter(mynum-h6) " " !important;
    counter-increment: mynum-h6 !important;

Tested on

This extension has been tested with the following configurations.

Extension VersionXWiki FlavorNotes
1.0XWiki Enterprise 3.5

Not compatible with IE6 / IE7

1.1XWiki Enterprise 6.0.1

Release Notes


bugfix : version 1.0 was not working due to badly renamed page ...


Initial release


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