Synapse the reference implementation of the server side version of the Matrix protocol.

It has sopport for authenticating on an OIDC provider.

Here is an example on how to configure Synapse (1.26+) to authenticate on XWiki OIDC provider:

  - idp_id: adm
   idp_name: "Name of my server"
   issuer: "https://myxwikihost/xwiki/oidc/"
   client_id: "matrix"
   # Needed until is fixed
   client_secret: "dontcare"
   scopes: ["openid", "profile", "email"]
   user_profile_method: "userinfo_endpoint"
       localpart_template: "{{ user.preferred_username }}"
       display_name_template: "{{ }}"

See for more details about Synapse OIDC support.


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