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cogExtends the tagging mechanism of the XWiki Platform
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Oana Florea, Anna-Maria Metzak

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The Semantic Tagging XWiki application enriches the tagging mechanism for the XWiki Platform using the Zemanta content recommendation tool and the DBpedia knowledge base.

Semantic Information

Tags are a very efficient method of describing information with metadata. Adding semantic information to the keywords allows computers to comprehend what the pages are saying and use that knowledge to offer better service to humans when interacting with them.
The XWiki Semantic Tagging application links information from the DBpedia index (short description for a tag, URI for the resource page, label) to the user defined tags in the wiki. This is an extension to the default tagging mechanism for the XWiki platform which does not link the user-defined tags to a concept.
A semantic tag will preserve the default behavior for XWiki in view mode: add icon, remove icon and link to the list of documents which were tagged with it, but will also have semantic information attached.
The Semantic Tagging application uses the Common Tag RDFa vocabulary to add semantic markup to the default XWiki tagging mechanism and was inspired by the Faviki social bookmarking tool. 


Add Tags

When adding a tag for the content of a wiki page, the user has two options from the Add Tag form: the Suggested tags tab or the Wiki Tags tab.

Suggested Tags

The Zemanta API allows a maximum of 1000 calls/day. 

When hovering over a suggested tag, a popup with semantic details will be displayed: tag description and URI link for the DBpedia resource page.
The Semantic Tagging application uses the Zemanta API whch allows application developers to automatically query the Zemanta engine for contextual information about the text that the user enters. Technically, the Zemanta API accepts (any) text through a POST request and upon analysis of that text returns suggestions.


Wiki Tags

Besides the Suggested tags, the user can use the Wiki tags tab to display the tag cloud from the entire wiki. Also, the default autocomplete feature will help the user defined tags already used in the wiki instance.

You can find more details about the project in this article: Semantic Tagging for the XWiki Platform with Zemanta and DBpedia.

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

This application requires the Semantic Tagging extension.

Tell the wiki where to find the right languages resources:

  • In the administration menu, click on "Programming"
  • Scroll in this menu until you see "Internationalization Document Bundles"
  • In that field, copy-paste the following text: SemTags.Translations
  • Save the page.

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