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cogApplication to exports a list of documents from the wiki to a spreadsheet format (currently csv but other formats could be added). The list of documents and the columns of the spreadsheet to export are customizable and the columns can be read from document objects.
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Aaron MacSween, Yann Flory, Anca Luca

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LicenseGNU Lesser General Public License 2.1

6.4.8, 9.8.1

Installable with the Extension Manager


The application allows to export documents from a wiki to a Spreadsheet format, including the attachments of the documents. In version 1.0 only CSV format is available.

After installation, go to DocumentsExporter.WebHome page in order to find and use the tool. Note that, by default, view rights on this space are only given to the XWikiAdminGroup, so that only admins can access the tool by default.

The documents to export are configured using a HQL request, while the columns to export are a comma separated list of columns in the following format:

  • doc.<fieldname> represent metadata of the document itself (e.g. doc.content, doc.title, doc.author),
  • <classname>:<fieldname> represent fields of the specified class,
  • <fieldname> represent fields from any class in the document (the value in the first object that has a property with the specified fieldname will be exported).

For example, to configure the export of all the blog articles, this configuration could be used:


Clicking on "export" will export a zip with one export.csv file containing one line per exported document and folders with the attachments of the exported documents, one for each line having attachments.


Note that the previsualisation of the results does not display the full result as exported but only the list of documents that would be exported.

The export.csv file will contain, for each exported field, 2 columns: the display value and the value stored in the database (for properties for which the display is scripted this can be important). Also, for all the large string properties (textareas or document content), both stored value (in wiki syntax) and rendered value (in XHTML) will be exported. This option can be configured on the export screen. Values of multivalued properties will be concatenated using the separator configured in the export configuration.
The separator used for the csv is , (comma) and the text delimiter is the " (double quote).


Export configurations can be stored and reused, the index of all stored configurations is displayed on the homepage of the application in DocumentsExporter.WebHome.

Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

We recommend using the Extension Manager to install this extension (Make sure that the text "Installable with the Extension Manager" is displayed at the top right location on this page to know if this extension can be installed with the Extension Manager). Note that installing Extensions when being offline is currently not supported and you'd need to use some complex manual method.

You can also use the following manual method, which is useful if this extension cannot be installed with the Extension Manager or if you're using an old version of XWiki that doesn't have the Extension Manager:

  1. Log in the wiki with a user having Administration rights
  2. Go to the Administration page and select the Import category
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to upload the downloaded XAR
  4. Click on the uploaded XAR and follow the instructions
  5. You'll also need to install all dependent Extensions that are not already installed in your wiki

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