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1 Both [[NetDrive>>]] and [[WebDrive>>]] are capable of providing a complete file system like abstraction to a remote WebDAV share. Thus far, these two clients seem to be the most complete, stable and robust WebDAV clients available for a Windows environment. The following steps demonstrate how to set-up NetDrive to work with the XWiki-WebDAV interface:
3 * First you need to find and install [[NetDrive>>]] (or [[WebDrive>>]]) on your computer.
4 * If you installed NetDrive correctly, you should see an icon on your taskbar as shown below:
5 [[image:taskbar.icon.png]]
7 * Now right click on this icon and select **Open NetDrive**:
8 [[]]
10 * The NetDrive window is pretty much intuitive, you should use this interface to create remote WebDAV connections as you prefer. In the following image you can see an example:
11 [[image:settings.png]]
13 * Once you have set-up your connections properly, they will be available on the NetDrive menu. Right click on the NetDrive taskbar icon and select **Connect To -> //connection_name//** as shown below:
14 [[image:connect.png]]
16 * That's it! Now wait patiently until NetDrive mounts your XWiki server into your local file system as shown below:
17 [[image:browse.png]]

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