WebDAV Redirector

Last modified by Vincent Massol on 2016/02/04 09:58

For a list of known issues with Redirector, please refer to this list.

Redirector (or sometimes called Mini-Redirector) is sort of a successor to the WebFolders WebDAV client on windows based platforms. It is available on both XP and Vista versions of Windows and there is no special installation required. Unlike WebFolders client, Redirector provides the complete abstraction of a file system to a remote WebDAV share. The only glitch with Redirector is that it doesn't support Basic Access Authentication scheme by default (which is required by XWiki's WebDAV implementation). But not to worry, with a few tweaks to your registry you can enable Basic Access Authentication on Redirector. You may follow the steps below:

  • Either follow this article or you can simply download this registry file and execute it. Both should have the same effect.
  • Now it's all set, open up a dos prompt and enter the following command:
    net use * "http://<xwikihost>/xwiki/webdav/" /User:<username> <password>
  • If everything goes well, you should see an output like this:
  • It's time to start browsing! Click on My Computer and you should see the new drive attached:
  • That's it! Click on the new network drive and wait patiently until it opens up:

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