The wiki aliases are the way to define how to access a wiki.

See Access Wiki documentation for more details on how aliases are used by XWiki engine.

See Edit Wiki Descriptor documentation for more details on the wiki descriptor (how to access it, edit it, etc.).

Using UI (Recommended)

Add an alias

To add an alias simply go to Create new alias in the wiki descriptor and use the provided UI.

Remove an alias

You can't remove the first aliases because it's the wiki descriptor and contains more then just the "alias datas". To delete other alias simply use the Delete button placed under each one on the bottom of the wiki descriptor UI.

Modify an alias

To modify an alias, edit the descriptor page (by clicking on the edit button on the top menu). You will get the whole descriptor as well as all the aliases in editable mode. When you finished just save using using the provided buttons.

Using object editor

Each wiki alias is a XWiki.XWikiServerClass wiki class object. The first represent the general wiki descriptor and all its content is used to describe the wiki itself. The other object are just used for the alias datas (alias, description, home page).

If you remove all the objects the wiki will become unreachable except for specific use case you can find on AccessWiki


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