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cogAllow converting from one wiki format to another
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Everything moved to Filter Module in 6.2.

Framework providing tools to convert from one wiki source to another wiki target being files, remote instance or pretty much anything else. 


The idea behind WikiStream is to make filters communicate with each other using common "events", much like XWiki Rendering framework but more generic.

There is no defined set of events at WikiStream API level, each filter can declare a set of supported events by implementing corresponding interfaces. Proxy helpers are provided to make easy for filters that might have different set of supported events to communicate with each other. Some well known events can be found in modules. See Filter Module for more about filters in general.

The main WikiStream extensions points are the two following kind of modules:

  • org.xwiki.wikistream.output.OutputWikiStreamFactory: which is responsible for converting WikiStream event into the format this module has been written for (a XAR package, database documents, etc.)
  • org.xwiki.wikistream.input.InputWikiStreamFactory which is responsible for parsing/reading an input and generate WikiStream events for it


WikiStream framework can be manipulated using WikiStream application.

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