XWiki Standard Flavor

Last modified by Thomas Mortagne on 2024/04/04 09:51

The XWiki Standard Flavor (XS in short) is the default flavor maintained by the XWiki Dev Team for the XWiki distribution.

It started as a transformation of XWiki Enterprise distribution into an easier to maintain more generic flavor not tied to a specific use case.


Provided packages

Two flavors

There are technically two flavors right now: one for the main wiki and another for the sub-wikis.

They are almost identical except for a few things that only makes sense in the main wiki like wikis management.

Offline package

We provide a XIP package to help install the flavor when you don't have internet access.

Test package

Mainly targeting testers, a pre installed Jetty and HSQLDB based package is also provided. It's not made available on XWiki Download page but you can find it on https://nexus-snapshots.xwiki.org/repository/snapshots/org/xwiki/platform/xwiki-platform-distribution-jetty-hsqldb/ or https://nexus.xwiki.org/nexus/content/repositories/releases/org/xwiki/platform/xwiki-platform-distribution-jetty-hsqldb/ depending on which version you want to test.

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