The XWiki Standard Flavor (XS in short) is the default flavor maintained by the XWiki Dev Team for the XWiki distribution starting with 9.5.

It started as a transformation of XWiki Enterprise distribution into an easier to maintain more generic flavor not tied to a specific use case.


Provided packages

Two flavors

There are technically two flavors right now: one for the main wiki and another for the sub-wikis.

They are almost identical except for a few things that only makes sense in the main wiki like wikis management.

Offline package

We provide a XIP package to help install the flavor when you don't have internet access.

Test package

Mainly targeting testers, a pre installed Jetty and HSQLDB based package is also provided. It's not made available on XWiki Download page but you can find it on or depending on which version you want to test.


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