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eyeFlavor demonstrating XWiki and featuring several recommended Extensions installed by default
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This flavor/extension has been deprecated and moved to XWiki Attic on the 6th of October 2022.

A demonstration Flavor bundling the following recommended Extensions:

  • Blog Application
  • File Manager Application
  • Meeting Manager Application
  • Forum Application
  • Task Manager Application
  • Ideas Application
  • FAQ Application
  • Mocca Calendar Application
  • XPoll Application
  • JWPlayer Macro
  • JIRA Macro + JIRA Admin Application
  • Syntax Highlighting Application
  • Markdown Syntax
  • Help Center Application
  • Templates Application
  • Tour Application
  • Menu Application
  • CKEditor WYSIWYG

This Demo Flavor makes it simple to see examples of what can be done with XWiki.

You could achieve the same result by choosing the Standard Flavor and using the Extension Manager to install the Extensions you wish to install in your wiki.


Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

When starting XWiki for the first time the Distribution Wizard will present you with a list of Flavors. Select the "Demo Flavor" as shown on the following screenshot:


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